A message from the barony of Vatavia

To our awesome family in Theobald,

Greetings! We are hoping to see many of you at Clothier’s Seminar XXXI in the Shire of Cúm an Iolair on February 6, 2016. There is an amazing selection of classes for those interested in stepping up your sewing and garb game.

This year’s Walk Through History will be dedicated to the memory of the late Master Sashatec, and will feature clothing he created (but all are welcome to participate, as usual). If you are fortunate enough to have clothing made by him, please consider either signing up for the Walk Through History, or bringing your clothing to display in his honor. Anyone wishing to display clothing please contact Her Excellency Gyda Glora in advance at gydaglora@gmail.com.

There are also two, count ’em, two Arts and Sciences competitions being held. One is for Foundation garments. Oh, my stockings and garters! The other is for fighters. Show off what you’ve made to wear with your armor!

Please come celebrate with us at court as Their Excellencies Donald and Zoe step down from their role as Baron and Baroness of V’tavia. They have labored hard and guided V’tavia well over the last five years; their love for our lands is unquestionable. It is right and fitting that they be released from service and allowed to dance to the beat of their own drums once more.

As previously announced, we are very honored and excited to have been granted the opportunity to serve as the next Baron and Baroness for V’tavia. We will accept the appointment of Baronage at Clothiers Seminar.

We’re ready to get to work with all of you!

In ever faithful service,
Eques Uldin of Ravenscroft and Nü Tzê Sung Sai-êrh

Preparing for the dream.

Well,  we are getting closer to our big event.  I hope everyone is as excited as we are. We have some last minute details that will be handled tonight or tomorrow.  Please feel free to contact us on facebook if you have questions.  Gwenne is on facebook as Tammy Miller.  You can contact me as well.  I am Myghal Stanborough on facebook.  Or you can email me at seneschal@shiretheobald.org

Hello world!

Welcome to the SCA, and more specifically to our little shire. We are the branch of the SCA that covers all of Cowley County and the area surrounding. We are a friendly group who love to get medieval.